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Managing information and delivering the services to satisfy your clients will be a tough task. However, it is possible when you follow the right guidelines and start with getting ISO 20000 certified in Minnesota.

Companies have to worry about the quality of their services despite what they believed so far: that only products need to follow something like “quality” in the first place. This is a very common mistake, but there is indeed a difference between a quality product and a service.

iso 20000 certified -Minnesota

After all, you need to guarantee a product will not break or can last for a very long time besides being able to cover your customers’ needs. While service is more about guaranteeing it will satisfy your clients and solve their problems and needs.

The structure and goal of the service are what need to be improved and considered when it comes to quality. Therefore, it is important to address the planning, design, and development to ensure you will not waste time and resources is one that will not achieve your goals nor the ones of your clients.

ISO 20000 is a standard that focuses on service management, more specifically, in the establishment of an IT management system to guarantee you are able to deliver optimal and outstanding services. This is the first and international standard when it comes to service management and complying with it can result in a more efficient and effective company in the end.

Now, what does ISO 20000 provide and measure? In specific, it is aimed to help organizations establish a framework to deliver managed services, measure service levels, and assess their performance to determine what needs to be improved.

Also, it is important to note that companies can work around the improvement of their services based on their goals but also on their clients’ needs. This will guarantee outstanding services and ensure the company is focused on what needs to be achieved with them.

How to start implementing ISO 20000?

It will take time to reach the certification point. Therefore, worrying about how you can implement the ISO standard is the first move. In order to implement it, the guidelines need to be followed and aligned with your needs and goals of your company.

The most common mistake from companies implementing it is believing that following the provided guidelines is enough but they actually have to understand them and determine if their goals are being accomplished with them.

Eventually, you will notice it is possible to obtain the desired results of quality services thanks to the establishment of the service management system. But more importantly, you will bring value to your processes and operations when developing and delivering them.

Our company at IQC The ISO Pros of Minnesota can assist you in the task of implementing this standard to make sure you are able to comply with all regulations and bring value to your business.

For this, our team will deliver training, certification, implementation, and auditing services to cover all your needs related to ISO 20000. Just let us know when you need us and where is your company located to start with the implementation process and move onto certification.

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